Saturday, March 5, 2016

Preservation of David and Gladys Wright House

From the David Wright House

Hello supporters! We wanted to share a brief statement about the latest happenings at the David Wright House.
The David and Gladys Wright House is involved in very early discussions with potential partners, including higher-learning institutions, that would advance the mission of the Foundation to preserve the home, celebrate the artistic legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright and inspire future generations of artists and architects through educational and cultural programming.
These discussions include institutions of higher learning, some of whom are supporting a continuance of the City-initiated Historic Preservation case at Wednesday’s (3/2/16) Phoenix City Council meeting until Dec. 7, 2016. This time will allow all parties to pursue a business and preservation plan that will advance the Foundation’s mission in a manner that is compatible with a vast majority of residents.
We want to thank Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton for his leadership on the future of this important cultural and community treasure. Mayor Stanton has set an example for all of us to follow as we work together to preserve this iconic treasure.
- Zach Rawling, principal of David Wright House LLC., and President of David and Gladys Wright House Foundation