Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Terrie Sanford

The driving force behind Tastes & Treasures A Storytelling Cookbook of Historic Arizona will be sorely missed. Terrie passed away yesterday after a long struggle with cancer. Those of us who worked with her, remember her smile, laughter and determination to get the job done. She prepared a time line for the cookbook and held us to it. Thank goodness.

Terrie was active in so many major events with the Historical League. She co-chaired the Historymakers Gala, Children's Holiday Party and was President of the League in 2002-2003.

What a wonderful, giving, caring, hardworking lady. We miss her dearly.

Shrimp Cerviche at Chelsea's Kitchen

This was delightful after an 8 mile bicycle ride with friends along the canals. A mixture of jicama, cilantro, lime, lemon, green olives and fresh salsa with the marinated shrimp was refreshing. I downed a glass of water first, then dug into this with the homemade tortilla chips. Nothing like a food destination as the motivation for a bike ride.

We finished 20 miles with another stop at Corbins in Sunnyslope for more club soda and beers.

La Posada Hotel has a Sherried Shrimp with Capers. Recipe is on page 60 of Tastes & Treasures. Great recipe to impress guests as you ignite the sherry. Keep the guests in the kitchen to watch this one.