Wednesday, May 17, 2023

New Board announced at Annual Recognition Luncheon

 Annual Recognition Luncheon was a day celebrating our volunteers with Thank you gifts and words of praise. We are grateful that President Chris Hackett will continue her year into October 2023. Nancy Evans had a special Thank you for Chris, who is always so thoughtful at the Historical League and at animal rescue. Thanks to Anne Lupica who will be our President in November.

Desserts were a highlight of our Recognition Luncheon. Biggest problem was deciding which one!

Thanks to Katie Tovar, Ruth McLeod and Dr. David Breeckner for the photos.

Historians Katie Tovar and Karolee Hess do a fabulous job documenting the Historical League year in photos and creating scrapbooks. The most recent photo books were on display at the Annual Recognition Luncheon. We are all about history and we appreciate how they document our years.