Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Douglas-Williams Home receives Tastes & Treasures II

Chauffered by Tom Lorig, Zona Lorig and Norma Jean Coulter traveled  to the Douglas-Williams Home in Douglas, AZ  which is Zona's birthplace. Delivering a box of Tastes & Treasures II to the museum was especially heartfelt. Zona remembers, "I was very happy to read about the Marty-Dess camera collection. Marty and Dess had the photography studio and Marty was a family friend who took our families photos for special occasions - grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, only official family picture of my parents with three kids, and my high school graduation photo." 
Liz Williams Boyd is another League member directly connected to Douglas as her father and grandfather were both Mayors there. I asked Liz if she ever lived in this house/museum? She replied, "I was actually born in Alaska, believe it or not.  The house belonged to my grandparents - we never lived there, but the house is filled with many memories from our time spent there.  We did go see the house once after it was turned into a museum.  It was a very odd experience- Gran’s bedroom was set up as a schoolroom- a little jarring!"

Cindy Hayostek, Douglas historian and local author of many books on Douglas

Details from

The Douglas-Williams House is named for the two families that made the house their home for more than 80 years. 

James S. Douglas was the son of Dr. James Douglas, the man for whom the town is named. Dr. Douglas was instrumental in development of Arizona and New Mexico copper mining in the late 1800s and early 1900s. James S. was deeply involved with Phelps Dodge Corp., and worked at copper operations in Arizona and Sonora. 

Ben F. Williams bought the house in 1943. Born in Bacoachi, Son., Williams was a borderlands cattleman, miner and inventor. He served as Douglas Mayor, as did his son, Ben. F. Williams Jr., an attorney. When Ben Sr. died, Ben Jr. sold the house to the State of Arizona. 

The Douglas-Williams Museum includes period rooms honoring the Douglas and Williams families, spaces with regularly changed displays, research library and specialty areas. These are world-class Marty-Dess camera collection, Douglas smelters, Douglas schools memorabilia, Douglas Fire Dept. and Sonora’s Elías family, including Mexican President Plutarco Elías Calles. The museum is adjacent to Church Square, site of four churches on one block, and Raúl Castro Park, named for the former Arizona Governor who grew up in Douglas.

Today, this historic House is owned by the Arizona Historical Society. It serves as the official museum of history for Douglas and its surrounding areas. 

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Tastes & Treasures delivered to Bryce, AZ

 Keeping history lovers happy . . . Zona and Norma Jean visited Bryce, AZ north of Pima to deliver the Historical League's Tastes & Treasures II to the Ebenezer Bryce Foundation. Founded by his descendants in 2021, the Bryce Foundation began when the 1897 home went on the market and the family decided to rally for its preservation.

“In April 2021, we had heard the home might be up for sale,” said Jim Bryce. According to records, the 714-square-foot home on 2.3 acres sold for $65,000 on Jan. 3, 2022.
The foundation’s board consists of Jim Bryce, Kyle Kempton, Brooks Bryce, Norma Pollock Brown and Leeann Bryce Thygerson — all descendants of Ebenezer Bryce.
Jim Bryce is Ebenezer Bryce’s great-great grandson. He says he spoke to his own grandfather about Ebenezer. “My grandfather said Ebenezer was a kind, gentle man. He’d keep candies in his pockets to give to his grandchildren,” Jim Bryce said. “He was an ordinary, humble, hardworking man who created a powerful legacy.”
From "A love for family: Bryce descendants restoring 1897 house" By Lillian Boyd, Eastern Arizona Courier.

Bisbee Mining and Mineral Museum welcomes Zona Lorig and Norma Jean Coulter

 Rock Star Travelers: Zona Lorig and Norma Jean Coulter drove all over S.E. Arizona blending history and food with Tastes & Treasures II. They delivered the Historical League's cookbook to 10 different museums. Pictured here is Brenda Morales from the Bisbee Mining and Mineral Museum.

Zona commented, "Brenda was thrilled to receive the box of our cookbooks. She clasped one to her chest and said she had sold the last one. Visitors asked for an interesting cookbook and she loved to share our storytelling cookbook!"

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Zona Lorig and Norma Jean Coulter deliver Tastes & Treasures II

 The journey to deliver Tastes & Treasures II to Certified Historical Institutions took Norma Jean Coulter and Zona Lorig to Eastern Arizona Museum and Historical Society. The museum was closed when they arrived but a volunteer came to their aid. Zona commented, "He was a wonderful guide who opened the museum and gave us a great tour."

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Tastes & Treasures II goes to small museums around the State

 Road trip with Tastes & Treasures II. Zona Lorig and Norma Jean Coulter had a great experience delivering books to small museums around SE Arizona.

Robert Davenport, Zona, Norma Jean and Robert Ramirez, officers of Tombstone Restoration Commission.
Traveling through SE Arizona, Zona Lorig and Norma Jean Coulter made friends as they delivered boxes of Historical League's Tastes & Treasures II to small museums. Pictured here is
Norma Jean, Jason Macoviak, Copper Queen Library Manager for Bisbee Restoration and Historical Society, Zona Lorig

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Juneteenth volunteers needed


Assistance is needed in the areas listed here:

Saturday, June 15th Volunteers:

Set Up: Set up will take place between 2pm-5pm the day before the event.

Sunday, June 16th Volunteers (9am - 5:30pm):

Greeters: Greeters will be at the front of the museum to hand out programs, count guests, and answer questions about the event.

Table Attendants: Each attendant will assist a section of the museum, including answering questions and crowd control.

Food and Beverage Attendants: Help direct guests to the food and beverage tables and to assist any guests that may need help in getting their food/drinks.

Arts & Crafts Attendants: Support staff with activities and tracking/restocking supplies. Ushers: Assist guests in our main auditorium. Supervise the small auditorium.

Clean Up Crew: Clean up after the event and help tablers to their vehicles. Cleanup crew may need to stay until 6:00 p.m.

Hall Monitors: Monitor the employee/staff/volunteer only areas.
Performance Assistants: Assist staff in running the sound and lights and assisting with

performers. Volunteers in this position must commit to attend at least one dress rehearsal.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, fill out our volunteer form and indicate Juneteenth, your area of interest, and the number of hours you are available in the additional information section. This form can also be found under the volunteer section on the AHS website:

Sunday, May 26, 2024

2005 AZ Historymaker Cloves Campbell, Sr. and AZ Informant

 Thanks to 2005 Arizona Historymaker Cloves C. Campbell, Sr. who purchased the AZ Informant in 1969, this newspaper has the slogan, “We Record Black History . . . 98% of Our News, You Won’t Find in Any Other News Media in Arizona.” Congratulations on so many years of publishing!