Tuesday, April 30, 2019

More re-orders for Tastes & Treasures II

After re-ordering 6 times, Write Ons definitely knows Tastes & Treasures II. Joan Andrews takes a box of books for the store from Ruth McLeod. Great customer service and unique merchandise makes this store on 7th St and Rose Lane a fun place to shop.

Lons at Hermosa Inn has also re-ordered many times. Thanks to Patt Walker for delivering more books to Pam Swartz at Hermosa Inn. Note their distinctive door is on the cover of Tastes & Treasures II . . . definitely a SW Arizona look.

More re-orders for Tastes & Treasures II. Stop by El Chorro for a book and fabulous lunch or dinner. Katie Roberts receives boxes of books from Linda Corderman.

Makers and Bakers at Encanto Park

It's always fun to talk about Arizona history and Tastes & Treasures II at events. Stop by and say hello tomorrow at Encanto Park. noon - 5 pm. 
Historical League member Christine Hackett will be in our booth. She was a hit when she prepared Lakin’s Chili con Queso dip, page 188 of Tastes & Treasures II, for a recent party. 
Made and delivered in her crockpot, there were no leftovers to bring home. The reaction, “This is Y-U-M-M-Y!”