Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas especially to The Audrey Johnson Theatre Foundation

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays especially to the Audrey Johnson Theater Foundation. Part of the Historical League mission is to conduct educational and promotion activities. Working with this foundation helps fulfill our goal. Here's a post from Audrey Johnson Theatre Facebook 12/8/22.

"It's taken a long time but we are finally back! This Saturday, December 11, 22 children from the Sunshine Residential Center will get to see a live theatrical production of "Cinderella" at Phoenix Theatre! This is being made possible by the generosity of the Arizona Historical Society and our yearly partnership with them. Check out their website:
We look forward to restoring our mission of giving children the magic of live theatre that would otherwise be unable to do so.
If you have any theatre tickets that you are not using, please let us know and we will put deserving children into those seats! And if you are a theatre owner or supporter and want to make sure your actors are performing to a full house, we will gladly fill up those seats for you!"

Since 1996 Sunshine has been home to more than 25,000 children needing emergency out-of-home placement. Not only did the children get tickets to the performance, but the League also donated the leftover treats to them as well as the table decorations.