Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Want to learn about the history of Arizona Cattlemen's Association?

President-elect Jackie Berkowitz thanks Janice for her presentation
Spend some time with Janice Ryan Bryson to learn a little history of livestock in Arizona. She was the guest speaker at our Historical League meeting Monday, April 7. It turns out that Janice knows several League members who come from 3rd and 4th generation ranch families. Claire Nullmeyer, Nancy Towar and Cindy Shelton to name a few. Oh . . . the stories they can tell about old Arizona!

Did you know the Chiricahua Cattle Company branded cattle with 3 C's? One on the head, one on the shoulder and one on the rump. What a lot of extra work to protect your livestock.

Janice's presentation was very interesting and filled with history!