Friday, January 20, 2017

Shamrock Dairy Farms Tour

President elect Nina Filippi with tour chair Judy Blackwell
 Thanks to tour organizer Judy Blackwell for setting up a very informative, educational and fun tour of Shamrock Dairy Farms. Over 50 attended the tour and lunch at Francisco Grande hotel. The pictures tell the story as we viewed over 20,000 cows on the farm.
Video explains the process of milking to arrival in
the store within 36 hours.

Facilities Manager Brock discusses dairy
farming with Clede Gorrell

Consuming 100 lbs of grain and 35 gallons of water/day
(that's a bathtub full), the cows have 30 lbs of waste/day.

Milking 200 cows at a time. Twice a day.
1000 cows milked per hour.

Bonnie Newhoff with Shamrock props

Joan Galloway feels the effect of milking machine.

Nancy Evans feels the gentle tug of the milking machine.