Thursday, August 17, 2023

National History Day AZ student Andrew Glassmeyer

 Thank you Arizona Historic League for making Arizona NHD possible. My memories from my NHD experience will last forever, especially the friendly people I met along the way and the many life skills I learned. The Day at the Museum was very helpful in providing me with feedback for adjustments to my exhibit for nationals including insights on using different visuals. Thank you for covering the shipping fees of my Sesame Street exhibit and helping us with travel options. NHD is a very powerful learning experience that, if done correctly, can change lives, like what it did for me. Thank you so much for making NHD Arizona possible in a way that impacts students.

Andrew Glassmeyer

Sesame Street: New Frontiers in Intellectual and Social Education
6th Grade 2022-2023
New Vistas Center for Education