Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Happy 70th Anniversary

Tastes & Treasures II, A Storytelling Cookbook of Historic Arizona will share the story of Rancho de Los Caballeros and it's recipes when the book is published this fall. Congratulations to 70 years.

From Rancho de Los Caballeros:
 The Year Was 1948...

The United States was still recovering from World War II.

The first Polaroid Land Camera goes on sale in US department stores (No, you couldn’t pre-order the camera on Amazon Prime!). 

The independent state of Israel was created, the musical South Pacific opened on Broadway and James Taylor, Ozzy Osbourne and Al Gore were born.

At the same time, Rancho de los Caballeros was preparing to open for its first inaugural season.

Today, we prepare for our 70th anniversary season here at the ranch. Much has changed in the world but the ranch remains true to its roots; we still offer our special brand of Southwestern hospitality in an environment largely unchanged by the decades which have passed.