Friday, October 25, 2019

Indian School Historical League Tour

99 years of history can be found in the middle of Phoenix at Steele Indian School Park. Thanks to Katie Tovar and Karolee Hess for organizing a fabulous tour of the buildings and park. With 40 Historical League members attending, it was a great success.
Guide Rosalie Talahongva attended school as did several of her family members.
Run as a military establishment, it was self-sufficient with the children in uniforms, had demerits for misbehavior, worked the 160 acres of farm land, laundry, print shop, housekeeping, gardening, and more.
At the height of the school's activity 1900-1935 there were over 100 structures. Before the 1950s when many structures were demolished and the campus modernized, this made up the largest collection of buildings of one period and associated function in Arizona. Three buildings were saved and are registered with the National Register of Historic Places - the Dining Hall built in 1901, the Band-Chorus Music Building 1931 and the Memorial Hall 1922.

Originally 600 acres, land was deeded to build the VA hospital nearby

First graders. Children were not tested to find their academic skills but
placed in their grade by height and size. 

Hearing the real story of Ira Hayes brought great insight into the man.