Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Annual Christmas Party/Meeting December 5

Holiday parties. Great time to enjoy friendships, food and favorite activities such as supporting AZHC at Papago Park. Thanks to Bonnie Newhoff and Katie Tovar for the wonderful photos from the Annual Christmas party/meeting December 5.

Recipes from Tastes & Treasures I and II were served at the luncheon. Thanks to Sergio for delicious Cafe Roka Lasagna (Vol II page 28), Spinach and Strawberry Salad (Vol I page 151) and Terrie's All-American Brownies (Vol II page 121 ).

Faye Kitchel and Clede Gorrell
Zona Lorig

Julie Moore

Katie Tovar and Janice Bryson

Margaret Baker and Nina Filippi

Mariamne Moore, Dr Josephine Pete, Mary Pat Honey

Mary Parker sells 50/50 raffle tickets to Nancy Evans

Renee Donnelly and Susie Brinegar

Ruth Ann Hogan, Linda Fritsch, Dianne Linthicum

Sandy Loeffler, Pat Grogg

Dianne Linthicum and Pat Faur

Katie Tovar and Sharron McKinney

Renee Donnelly

Susan Dale and Norma Jean Coulter

Mary Parker handles sales for "Cinderella" 50/50 raffle

Nancy Evans ready to enjoy Spinach and Strawberry salad during lunch

Lunch by Sergio

Terrie's Famous All-American Brownies