Thursday, November 2, 2023

Oral Histories integral part of Arizona Historymakers Program

 What is an Oral History Interview? a well-prepared interviewer questioning an interviewee and recording their exchange in audio or video format. Oral history is a method to learn about past events from the spoken stories of people who lived through them. It enables us to take account of those many aspects of history that are not recorded in documents.

We are so grateful to Norma Jean Coulter, Carolyn Hartman, Zona Lorig, Josephine Pete, Tom Shumard, and Diane Smith for interviewing the 2023 Arizona Historymakers.

If you ask any of the interviewers, they will tell you it is a very rewarding experience.
The audience at 2023 Arizona Historymakers Celebration enjoyed these videos at the October 14 event at AZHC.
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Professional Photographers document 2023 Arizona Historymakers Celebration

 Capturing precious moments at the Arizona Historymakers™ Celebration Oct. 14 were two very capable photographers: Joshua Goode and Colleen Katz. The Historical League is very grateful for their wonderful works.