Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chinese Chicken Salad

Mary Parker shared her delicious recipe with us. She brought it to the Historical League meeting Monday, March 7 and it was almost gone by the time I could photograph it. Yummm.

Love the way Mary cooks. We can all benefit from this method.

I just sort of threw it together ...

bag of baby greens into a bowl (I don't particularly like spring mix)
¼ head Napa cabbage chopped
green onion
1 breast roasted chicken that I bought - chopped up
1 bag of candied ginger - chopped
Girard's Chinese Chicken Salad dressing

I put the chopped-up chicken in a tupper-deal with the chopped-up candied ginger & a little salad dressing, so the chicken would stay moist. Snow peas &/or mandarin oranges can be used & sometimes I put in bean sprouts, but they can be hard to eat.

Then I threw on slivered almonds & sesame seeds that I browned in my toaster oven. I forgot the edamame I was going to use, too. And that's it. I was thinking about using chow mein noodles . . .