Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Arizona Historymakers 1992-2019 Documentary premieres at Oct 14 Celebration

 The premiere of a new documentary "Arizona Historymakers™ from 1992-2019" was featured at 2023 Arizona Historymakers Celebration. It took months of work but worth it to share the story of our Historymakers.

Special thanks to National History Day student Thanvi Voruganti for all her creative talents.
• Curated by: Thanvi Voruganti, National History Day Winner 2023
”Best in State" for Junior Individual Documentary
Historical League members:• Creative Director: Ruth McLeod
• Editors: Cathy Shumard, Zona Lorig�
• National History Day Arizona Advisors: Dr. Kristen Rex, Stacey Trepanier