Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tea Ceremony at Japanese Friendship Gardens

 Eight of us were allowed at one time for the Ritual of the Tea Ceremony Chanoyu, that had its origins nearly 900 years ago. It touches on many aspects of Japanese culture. Definitely a learning experience and so much history was presented about the Tradition. Chanoyu interweaves four principles:
1.Harmony (wa) with people and nature
2. Respect (kei) for others
3. Purity (sei) of heart and mind
4. Tranquility ( jaku)

Thanks to Mary Garbaciak for arranging the very interesting and informative tour.
Mary Pat Honey learns the Traditions of the Tea Ceremony.

Deb Hester, Delores Tomasek, Carolyn Mendoza, Carolyn Hartman, Mary Pat Honey, Ruth Ann Hogan, Candice Mcleod remove their shoes, then put on socks prior to entering the Tea Ceremony.

Two traditional delicate sweets are served prior to the tea.

Candice cleanses her hands prior to the Tea Ceremony.

Aromatic Green tea is whipped into a frothy drink.