Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Presidential airplane at LBJ ranch

Air Force "One-Half" became the perfect setting for a photo of past Historical League Presidents from 1987 - 2017. The fully restored Texas White House complete with plane hangar is part of the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park. 

Margaret Baker, Ruth McLeod, Susan Dale, Anne Lupica, Sharron McKinney, Ruth Ann Hogan, Pat Faur, Delores Tomasek, Leslie Christiansen, Bonnie Newhoff, Renee Donnelly, Nancy Evans, Zona Lorig, Mary Parker

Texas Whitehouse

No wonder President Lyndon B Johnson wanted to get away from the hectic Washington political scene and enjoy his ranch. Such a peaceful, tranquil place. BIG SKY. Texas style. Although he brought the politics with him most times, entertaining foreign heads of state, Congressmen, Movers and Shakers. Anyone he could influence with this majestic 2000 acre ranch was treated to a backyard BBQ by the river under the 300 year old Oak trees.

Herefords graze under hundred year old trees

LBJ Texas White House