Tuesday, January 30, 2024

TGen Tour January 24, 2024

 TGen founders welcomed the Historical League tour on Thursday, January 25. Dr. Jeffrey Trent and Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, honored as 2023 Arizona Historymakers, greeted us. Such a fascinating, amazing research center. They have made huge strides in the fight against cancers.

TGen mission: Medical Research Institute — We Are Dedicated To Conducting Groundbreaking Research With Life-Changing Results. We Research Cancer, Neurological Disorders, Infectious Disease & Rare Childhood Disorders.

TGen tour included visits to the many labs. Mary Perona took pictures and commented, “The guides explained the function of the labs so well, trying to keep it in laymen’s terms but . . . couldn’t help themselves with scientific and detailed terminology!”
TGen website: “Tour guests see first-hand the next-generation sequencing technology and biomedical research laboratories where TGen scientists unlock the mysteries of cancer, neurological disorders and infectious disease. TGen faculty and staff are eager to share TGen’s biomedical research and progress with the community.”

Outreach programs are important at TGen. High School students can have two weeks in the bioscience program and University students are offered summer internships.

Thanks to Mary and Susan Dale for the pictures.

Dr. Jeffrey Trent and Dr. Daniel Von Hoff

Dr. Pirrotte at the Protein Lab was very informative with our group.

Back row: Margaret Baker, Janet Young, Ruth Ann Hogan Front row: Jan Murray, Pat Faur

Meeting with Pancreatic Cancer lab scientists at TGen was an incredible experience. We learned so much on our tour!! What a fantastic research center.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Postcard Contest with AHS

 Don't forget about the AHS Annual Postcard Contest coming up! We are inviting all 3rd graders in the State of Arizona to participate. Get creative and be sure to submit your postcard by February 2, 2024.

Thanks to Dr. Kristen Rex for this fun and educational program.

For rules and more, visit: arizonahistoricalsociety.org/education/ahs-postcard-contest


Friday, January 19, 2024

January Historical League meeting includes nine guests

 Guests were encouraged to attend Historical League meeting, lunch and guest speaker on Monday, January 8. Thanks to members Mariamne Moore, Susan Dale, Margaret Baker, and Mary Perona who invited these lovely guests and Pat Faur and Josie Pete who took pictures.

                           Back Row:  Liz Warren, Sharon Scalise, Debbie Obrock, Sheila Brewster 

                  Front row: Barb Hummel, Jeanne Turner, Anne Bever, Cyd Hendrikson, Mary Burch

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

AZ Heritage Center a d History Museum Reopening


ONE WEEK from today we will be reopening! Our doors at the Arizona Heritage Center and Arizona History Museum will open on January 23 at 10 a.m. We've missed you and can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Lobster Rolls - one of top Google 2023 Searches in Phoenix

 Top 2023 Google searches in Phoenix? Taylor Swift and Lobster Rolls. We can't help you with Taylor Swift but we have a great recipe for Lobster Rolls from El Chorro in Tastes & Treasures II: A Storytelling Cookbook of Historic Arizona. Read about the fascinating history of El Chorro resort on page 34. The book is filled with stories of historic venues in Arizona as well as memories and recipes from Arizona Historymakers, families and friends. www.HistoricalLeague.org/shop