Thursday, November 9, 2023

1992-2019 Historymakers Documentary entertains guests

Guests enjoyed a history of 1992-2019 Historymakers™ in video and photos created by NHD student Thanvi Voruganti and League members Ruth McLeod, Zona Lorig, Cathy Shumard. This documentary was presented as the crowd entered the Steele Auditorium for the 2023 AZ Historymakers Celebration Oct 14..

How did the Arizona Historymakers Program begin?

 Who started the Arizona Historymakers™ Program? In 1992, Mary Ward, Pam Ward and Marilyn Parke worked with then-museum director Andrew Masich to honor Arizonans who have made a major impact in our lives. 

Historymakers first chair Marilyn Parke wrote, “The Recognition Program seeks to preserve Arizona’s history and familiarize the public, particularly our youth, with special Arizonans from diversified fields.” 

Susan Dale has been active since that first Gala with fundraising and organization.