Sunday, February 2, 2014

Historymakers Kax and Bob Herberger

Visiting Minneapolis in December, I saw the Herberger store that Kax and Bob Herberger began so many years ago. It is still a great store with a long tradition of quality. The Herbergers got their start in Minneapolis but Phoenix saw much of their philanthropic contributions. Honored in 1999 as Arizona Historymakers, the exhibit at the AHS Museum at Papago Park displays memorabilia from them as well as the other Historymakers honored since 1992.

I find it so interesting that the 2014 Historymakers Gala is coming February 8 to the Westin Kierland Resort with 9 new honorees.  Kax Kierland Herberger would be proud to know the tradition continues at the Kierland Resort that she was so involved in building and is her namesake. Information at and