Friday, June 2, 2023

Angel Delgadillo, "Father of Historic Route 66", 2023 Arizona Historymaker

Angel Delgadillo, 2023 Arizona Historymaker from Seligman, AZ in his barber chair, shares his story of leading the effort to recognize Route 66 as "Historic Route 66."

Congratulations to all 2023 Arizona Historymakers:

Frank M. Barrios, Michael M. Crow Ph.D., Angel Delgadillo, Dolan Ellis, Ira Fulton & the Fulton Family, Honorable Terry Goddard, Denise D. Resnik, Jeffrey M. Trent Ph.D., Daniel D. Von Hoff M.D., Mrs. Elizabeth J. White

After a fact-finding and delightful interview by Zona Lorig in his Seligman, AZ barber shop, Angel Delgadillo smiles for the camera.

Gathering for a photo in the Seligman pool hall of the Delgadillo Family are (from left): Diana Smith, Historical League chair of the 2023 Arizona Historymakers Recognition Program; Clarissa Delgadillo Perez, daughter of Angel Delgadillo; Norma Jean Coulter, Historical League member; Angel Delgadillo, 2023 Arizona Historymaker; Historical Zona Lorig, Historical League member; Mirna Delgadillo, daughter of Angel Delgadillo; Elizabeth Kapp, Arizona Historical Society Museum Curator; Nathan Samoriski, Museum Collections Manager at the Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park.

Angel Delgadillo and his brothers and sisters each played an instrument in the locally famous Delgadillo band for more than 80 years. The love of music continues today as Angel and his children still practice and play for personal enjoyment.

Today, the instruments are on display at the Angel & Vilma Route 66 Gift Shop in Seligman, AZ. Mirna Delgadillo shares the family's performing story with Historical League Member, Zona Lorig. Behind the red framed window wall is the barber shop of Mirna’s father, the 96-year-old Arizona Historymaker, Angel Delgadillo, the "Father of Historic Route 66".