Thursday, January 10, 2019

Barry Goldwater photography at Scottsdale Museum of the West

If you like photography, if you like Arizona, if you like history . . .you must see this exhibit of Barry Goldwater's photos at Scottsdale Museum of the West. 
Thanks to Diana Smith for arranging this event, we were so fortunate to have Barry's granddaughter, Allison, be our docent. She shared so much insight into his life, his passion and now her passion to preserve these photos. She lives in Atlanta but extended her Phoenix holiday trip to guide on on the tour.
In-depth Tours like this are one of the reasons many of us join the League. Where else would you hear memories from Barry Goldwater's granddaughter, Allison? or learn intimate details of his photography? or discover the stories that go with the photos? or find out the background of Scottsdale's Museum of the West from Director Michael J. Fox? or learn how this museum started from 2017 Historymaker Jim Bruner? or have Richard Stieves, editor of Arizona Highways describe the photos and his connection with the Barry and Peggy Goldwater Foundation?
Awesome exhibit and tour!

Robert Stieve of Arizona Highways also guided us as well as Director of the Museum and 2019 Historymaker Michael Fox. Wonderful to hear the back stories from 2017 Historymaker Jim Bruner who has been involved with this museum since the beginning. Inspiring day for the Historical League!