Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Recognition Luncheon planning parties

Working on a Historical League committee is not all work as these ladies show us in planning the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.
Pam den Draak is showing off her culinary /cake decorating skills.  Pam made this cake from scratch and decorated it using the Kentucky Derby theme for our upcoming Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Luncheon. The event will be at the Wrigley Mansion on May 3rd.

Nina Filippi (Publicity and Raffle), Pat Phee (Co-Chair and
Decorations), Barb Ehrhard (Co-Chair and Invitations), Renee Donnelly (Venue
and Guest Speaker), and Pam den Draak (Decorations).
Other members of the committee who were not pictured include: Jeannine Moyle (Finance and AM Tour of Wrigley Mansion), Karen Swanson (Raffle and PM Tour of Wrigley Mansion), and Rebecca Stone (Reservations and Decorations).

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