Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tour of Franciscan Renewal Center

Original name

Wonderful Historical League tour today filled with Arizona history, art history and stories of the Catholic Church with St Francis. Over forty Historical League members attended, so they split us into 3 groups. The tour guides explained, "Since 1951, the Casa has been renewing lives through spiritual growth, healing and transformation, and serving others." It predates the affluent Town of Paradise Valley – with resorts, mansions, pools, paved roads, and all. That a dusty, former dude ranch would become a God-filled spiritual retreat center and that the Franciscan friars –grounded in vows of poverty – would become surrounded by some of the area’s wealthiest residents speaks to nothing less than the astounding “coincidence of opposites;” that which unifies rather than divides.

A delicious lunch followed the tour with more time for discussion.

Thanks to Mary McMahon and Julie Moore for organizing the tour. Julie was married here in 1974.
In 1951, Lincoln was a dirt road

St. Francis overlooking Camelback Mt.

Beautiful art glass with etchings and layers.

LEED certified, A/C and heat comes up through round circles in the floor.

mosaic details