Sunday, May 10, 2009

MYCE opening day Saturday, May 9

Lots of talking, laughing, speeches, children, parents, dignitaries (including Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman) and excitement...that was the opening of the Museum Youth Curators Experience at the Museum. Honor students from the 8th grade at Greenway Middle School worked since September to research and create exhibits with the theme "From the 60's and 70's". Kudos to Megan Gately, Heidi Cocco and Kyle McKoy for all their hard work and inspiration to so many students. Everyone enjoyed themselves, tasted sweet treats and followed the students through the exhibits. They will remain open for several months. My daughter, Candice, and I learned more about the program from Megan. It is rewarding to see that funds raised from the Historical League go to such great community outreach educational programs.