Friday, April 19, 2013

Roosevelt School District to received donated books

Arizona Recollections and Reflections: An Arizona Centennial Historymakers Commemoration has been well received by teachers and librarians across the state.

This book strengthens Arizona's culture by sharing biographies and rare photographs of 58 Historymakers. Their stories reflect the fabric, growth and diversity of our state. It also features the important histories of the book's fourteen sponsors.

This book is a great resource for social study teachers working with the state standards from fourth through twelfth grades. Arizona Historymakers are individuals who bring 20th and early 21st century concepts alive through their pictures and stories that include successes as well as hurdles.

The Historical League has a program to donate this book to all school and public libraries in Arizona. Thanks to Seth Lansky of Follett Resources, Roosevelt, Alhambra and Phoenix #1 School District will get their donated books. Seth has been instrumental in helping to get these books into schools. The Historical League is very grateful for his help.