Monday, May 20, 2013

Balboa Park tour

Linda Wegener, Mary Garbaciak, Kim Duclo, Barbara Cardinal and Karen Swanson enjoy the day.
Tour chair Mary Garbaciak tells us about the Balboa Park ranger Kim Duclo.

"Last fall I first contacted various personnel at Balboa Park - ALL of them recommended Kim for our tours - "he is definitely the best".  But he wasn't available for our dates.  However, while we were touring the archives a ranger came into the area and Jane Kenealy immediately said to me "that is the person who you want for your tours".  I asked her if that was "Kim" and she said, "Yes." I asked him if he was available for tours today and he said, "Sure".  He took us on an hour tour (before lunch at El Prado) and then after lunch he picked up a few of us who wanted to continue picking his brain.  Other ladies had made other plans due to, originally, having the afternoon free to explore.  Kim had the keys to take five of us behind the historical organ pavilion to show us pictures and articles of history makers for this incredible building!"