Friday, May 12, 2023

Annual Recognition Luncheon at Seasons 52

Recognition Luncheon is always a highlight of the year, honoring all Historical League volunteers with speeches, awards, gifts. It was a full house Thursday as President Chris Hackett thanked all those she worked with this year. AHS President Linda Whitaker views the League as models of forward thinking in terms of finances, fundraising, online, social media. AHS Executive Director Dr. David Breeckner was appreciative of the League for the many programs we support, especially National History Day AZ.

Thanks to event organizers Anne Lupica, Nina Filippi and Ileen Snoddy for a lovely event.

Comments were made about the delightful scent in the room. It turns out Anne Lupica brought in 8 gardenia blooms from her garden. The day before she only had 4 blooms but nature co-operated! Ruth McLeod said, "I wondered who was wearing such lovely perfume." Carolyn Hartman said, "I had the most lovely scented dream that night."