Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Interesting customers at Special Events

Ruth McLeod with Sara Homan
Working at shows, we meet a lot of lovely people. While in our booth on March 8 at the Litchfield Park Fine Art and Food Festival, Sara Homan from Litchfield Park Historical Society stopped in to visit. Her booth was right next to ours. She was born and raised in Arizona so at age 86, she has lots of memories.

While browsing through Volume II, she saw Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s story and recipe. She remembered chatting with Sandra Day O'Connor at the neighborhood park when they were both young mothers, pushing their children on the swings.

Judy Fulton from Litchfield Park Historical Society commented she “had to have this book since it has Fattigman “Poor Man’s Cookies" that her grandmother used to make!! She was so excited to finally get the recipe! Thanks to Linda Corderman for sharing this recipe and the story of her family traditions.
with Judy Fulton

It is important to remember that you never know who you met, who you talked with, who may contact us down the road to buy books, visit the museum, join the Historical League, contribute to National History Day or more.