Tuesday, July 29, 2014

See the world from the edge of a flying carpet - new exhibit at AHS Museum Papago Park

“Views from the Flying Carpet” through September 14, 2014. If you could see the world from the edge of a flying carpet, how could you ever measure it again? Come to the AHS Museum at Papago Park and you will be taken to a world rarely visited by humans. For 40 years, Greg Brown – flight instructor, photographer, artist, and author – photographed the world from 7,000 feet aloft. From his personal Flying Carpet, (the name of his aircraft and flying photo platform in the sky) Missouri fields become crazy quilts; the edge of the Painted Desert is a beaded buckskin sleeve; and Lake Tahoe becomes a chalice suspended over an unknowing village below. Greg Brown's images are not documentary photographs about ground features or weather conditions – they are earthly paintings snatched from the air above.

Accompanying Greg's spectacular images is a short video that begins as the Flying Carpet is rolled from its hangar and takes to the air over northern Arizona. Over red cliffs that reach above Sedona, Greg always finds something new and exhilarating to shoot. The video also opens the technological door behind the images, showing how nature's hues and shadows are matched in the final prints.

AHS Museum at Papago Park, 1300 N. College Ave., Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-929-0292, ext. 180  Email: AHStempe@azhs.gov.