Saturday, March 11, 2023

National History Day AZ Judging

 Judges for National History Day AZ are so important. Tom Shumard did his part this spring with this very worthwhile program that the Historical League supports. He wore his pin proudly at the 2023 AZ Historymakers Announcement Feb. 23 celebrating NHD as well as celebrating the 2023  Historymakers:

Frank Barrios

ASU President Michael Crow

Angel Delgadillo

Dolan Ellis

Ira Fulton & The Fulton Family

Terry Goddard

Denise Resnik 

Dr. Jeffrey M. Trent

Dr. Daniel D. Von Hoff

Mrs. Elizabeth White 

As Historical League members, Tom and Cathy Shumard contribute a great deal to this non-profit organization. We celebrate them and all our volunteers who helped make the 2023 Historymaker Announcement a very successful event.