Thursday, January 22, 2015

Amazing Amazon Fulfillment Center Tour

What a treat to go inside this enormous facility on Wed, Jan 14. What vision Jeff Bezos had when he started this idea in his garage in 1994. Our tour guide was charming as she began the first tour of the season and filled us in with lots of statistics. I thought Amazon was all about shopping on the internet. But they also have TV with Amazon studios, deliver groceries, working on drones to deliver packages to your home, publish books, study the hottest trends and more.

The fulfillment center is full of inspirations, motivational sayings. "Work hard, have fun, make history." The have a military career choice program. They use so much innovative technology with 19 million products, 3 stories tall building, 40,000 yellow bins full of merchandise. 8 miles of conveyer belts all in a space that would fill Fenway Park.

Thanks again to Linda Fritsch and Lindy Isacksen for organizing such an informational and exciting morning.