Sunday, November 24, 2019

ArtFest for Historical League

Mary McMahon, Sharron McKinney, Carolyn Mendoza
Join us at ArtFest. Visit Historical League booth. Share your AZ history and discover more with Tastes & Treasures storytelling cookbook of Historic Arizona. 10 am - 5 pm Nov 23-24 at Scottsdale Civic Center.
Thanks to our fabulous volunteers: Claire Nullmeyer and Judy Kittoe made Granola for sampling at shows.
Carolyn Mendoza who stayed the entire weekend. 
Linda Corderman, Ruth McLeod, Mary McMahon, Sharron McKinney, Norma Jean Coulter, Pat Christopherson, Davie Garrison, Pat Grogg, Mariamne Moore with Scott helping at tear down. 
Judy Kittoe and her friend (not a HL member) Liga Zebauer fulfilled volunteer commitment to ArtFest so we did not jeopardize our nonprofit free booth.

Carolyn Mendoza and Linda Corderman

Carolyn Mendoza and Ruth McLeod

Pat Grogg visiting with customers