Monday, March 12, 2018

Historical League Archives at AZ Heritage Center

Records are important to keep. Since its beginning in 1979, the Historical League has done important things, raised funds for the Arizona Historical Society museum at Papago Park [now the Arizona Heritage Center], sponsored events, started programs, told the story of Historymakers, and so much more. Archivist Linda Whitaker emphasized the importance of having Historical League history archived at the museum to tell our story too.  We found out that "what should be saved are ordinary committee annual reports, invitations, photos, etc., that represent the life of the organization - how we lived it - the flesh and blood."
Thanks to Zona Lorig, Linda Whitaker, Margaret Baker and Mary Parker for gathering all this information from League members, sorting through it and saving important relevant material. It may take some time to go through all these files, paper and digital,  but the end result is worth it.