Saturday, January 16, 2021

Chef Ryan Swanson of Kai featured in Tastes & Treasures II

 Featuring Kai at WildHorse Pass with Chef Ryan Swanson in Tastes & Treasures II was a "no-brainer". Many visitors at Kai think so too including Jen, a guest who also purchased our book with Kai's history and recipes.

She wrote, "My husband and I were guests at the Wild Horse Pass when I attended a conference there in 2017. We ate at Kai which was an amazing experience and as the final guests of the evening we got to meet Chef Ryan Swanson as we departed. Wish we had gotten a picture with him but didn't think of it at the time.
We learned a lot during that dining experience about the culture and food of the area and have shared our story with others. I was trying to look up information recently and came across the article written about the work your group did with Chef Swanson on the second volume of your book. Instead of buying it on Amazon or a local website I went to your website to see if it could still be purchased there - this way your group would receive the proceeds from the purchase to continue your work.
We are looking forward to reading the history of the area and attempting to recreate some of the recipes from the book - although I highly doubt it'll be as wonderful as Chef Swanson's creations."