Saturday, October 14, 2023

Set up time for 2023 Historymakers Celebration at AZHC

Lots of activity at the AZHC in preparation for the 2023 Arizona Historymakers™ Celebration. So many details go into planning this event. The committee did a fabulous job; everything was ready.

Stage set in Steele Auditorium, tables ready in the courtyard, extra wires to Brown Theatre for over flow crowd, chairs labeled for Historymaker seating, Historymaker Exhibit finished, Welcome Bags, caterers, valet parking . . . the list was very long.

Honoring Frank M. Barrios, Michael M. Crow Ph.D., Angel Delgadillo, Dolan Ellis, The Honorable Terry Goddard, Denise D. Resnik, Jeffrey M. Trent Ph.D., Daniel D. Von Hoff M.D., Mrs. Elizabeth J. White.