Thursday, March 17, 2022

Ballet Arizona tour

Who wears $150-180 custom made shoes from London that least one week? The fabulous dancers at Ballet Arizona.

Thanks to Clede Gorrell, we were privileged to have a Behind the Scenes tour, watch a rehearsal and enjoy a lovely lunch at their facility this week.

Costumes being made

So many colors of thread in the costume room

League members await tour

Carolyn Hartman makes friends

One of many rehearsal/class rooms

In the Prop Room

Prop room

Tour guide, Natalie, explains the details of the rat costume

Prop room

Prop room

Ballet shoes examined by Susan Howard, Lindy Isacksen and Sharron McKinney

Ballet shoes have so much detail

Discarded ballet shoes

Natalie explains the process of making ballet shoes

Custom painted shoes

Hand painted shoes