Friday, June 23, 2023

NHDAZ students send Thank You letters

 Thank you letters from NHDAZ students are coming in. They are heartfelt:

Good day, 

 My name is Kim Zuleim Pineda-Uribe, my NHD project was a senior website - "The Internet: A Virtual Web of Communication Across the Informational Frontier."  I would like to thank the Historical League for the opportunity of financial aid in order to partake in National History Day.  The most rewarding part of competing in NHD is the over all experience and opportunity to need several people for around the states, as well as several other countries.  Despite not winning at nationals, my team and I still succeeded with making to there in the first place.  This trip was full of many learning opportunities such as, how to better our research, analyze historical documents, and over all how to better communicate. 


Once again thank you for this opportunity and your time,

Kim Zuleim Pineda-Uribe 

Another Thank You from NHDAZ student Raven Burrell, Chandler, AZ:
Thank You for the wonderful opportunity that you provided us to get to the NHD competition! It was exciting! We got to tour the Capital, meet Senator Kelly, visit the Monuments, Library of Congress, African American Museum, Smithsonian, Georgetown University and meet wonderful kids from all over the country and other countries. We walked over 113 thousand steps. I enjoyed sharing this experience with my classmates and some new friends that we met from other schools in Arizona. We really appreciate you helping us with the travel expenses.
Thank You,
Raven Jordan Burrell
2023 NHD AZ students at College Park, MD; Awards Ceremony

Raven is in the middle