Sunday, November 21, 2021

School Field Trips return to AZHC

School trips are back! Awesome to see school kids again at the museum for field trips. In May 2019, this Fountain Hills group paid for the trip. In Nov. 2021 they were finally able to go. They learned about AZ history including the canal system, the 5 C's, & the impact of WWII.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

St. Anthony's Greek Monastery tour

Dressed in appropriate attire for a recent tour of St Anthony's Greek Monastery near Florence, the Historical League group experienced history and religion, art and architecture. Started in 1995 it now has one main chapel for the daily services, 9 smaller chapels and numerous gardens. Their website explains, "St. Anthony's Monastery is a place of repentance and prayer for the fathers and also for the faithful who are our pious guests. In honor of the saint whose monastery this is, and out of love and respect for this sacred ground, we humbly ask that you be properly attired at all times. Women are kindly asked to wear long-sleeved, loose-fitting shirts that fully cover the chest up to the neck; long skirts (or dresses) without deep slits; scarves that cover the head and wrap under the chin and around the neck, so that the neck is also covered. Please refrain from wearing lipstick when venerating icons and receiving Holy Communion. Please remove any visible face or body piercing jewelry."

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

November HL meeting

With business taken care of at the Nov League meeting, it is time for socializing and lunch. Renee Donnelly visits with Wade Weber, Cathy Shumard and Chris Hackett give their reports, Pres. Claire Nullmeyer thanks speaker Wade Weber with Tastes & Treasures II. He gave a fascinating presentation on photographer Edward S. Curtis. Native American history was captured by photographer Edward S. Curtis in 20 leather bound volumes from 1906-1926. With a forward from President Ted Roosevelt and funded by JP Morgan, this subscription was valued at $3,800. Today's worth is $80,000. Fascinating stories and brilliant photography! These are displayed at a new exhibit at Museum of the West. Wade Weber told us about this amazing historical document at our Monday Historical League meeting.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

November Historical League meeting luncheon

Luncheon was served at the Nov. Historical League meeting featuring Harvey House recipes from Tastes & Treasures II. Thanks to Chef Sergio for a delicious lunch. Mary McMahon helped co-ordinate the lunch and Pat Grogg is ready to dine.