Saturday, June 8, 2024

Tastes & Treasures delivered to Bryce, AZ

 Keeping history lovers happy . . . Zona and Norma Jean visited Bryce, AZ north of Pima to deliver the Historical League's Tastes & Treasures II to the Ebenezer Bryce Foundation. Founded by his descendants in 2021, the Bryce Foundation began when the 1897 home went on the market and the family decided to rally for its preservation.

“In April 2021, we had heard the home might be up for sale,” said Jim Bryce. According to records, the 714-square-foot home on 2.3 acres sold for $65,000 on Jan. 3, 2022.
The foundation’s board consists of Jim Bryce, Kyle Kempton, Brooks Bryce, Norma Pollock Brown and Leeann Bryce Thygerson — all descendants of Ebenezer Bryce.
Jim Bryce is Ebenezer Bryce’s great-great grandson. He says he spoke to his own grandfather about Ebenezer. “My grandfather said Ebenezer was a kind, gentle man. He’d keep candies in his pockets to give to his grandchildren,” Jim Bryce said. “He was an ordinary, humble, hardworking man who created a powerful legacy.”
From "A love for family: Bryce descendants restoring 1897 house" By Lillian Boyd, Eastern Arizona Courier.

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