Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Historic Jerome Tour

The bus was filled as we drove to historic Jerome. Pam Ryan and Jeannie Fletcher had delicious breakfast snacks for the 7 am departure but we were looking forward to the history of "The Honeymoon Cottage of Jerome". The tour conducted by owner Margaret Graziano, told the story of purchasing the run down home and recreating the magnificent structure that it once was. Lots of labor, inspiration, money and perserverence went into the work but it was worth it. Today the French Country house is fully restored. It is decorated in Victorian style with a large patio and sweeping views of the Verde Valley.

Built in 1921 by James Dougles, the owner of the Little Daisy Mine, gave the home to his son as a wedding gift. At one time the Little Daisy Mine was the largest producer of copper in the world.

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