Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grants Awarded to Museum

The Museum is very grateful for their grant money from the Historical League. The funds go to such projects as MYCE (Museum Youth Curators Experience), National History Day, and wonderful interns from ASU. The new Sandra Day O'Connor exhibit is sponsored by the Historical League and should have a grand opening in the fall. We also help provide digital and video cameras, computers for video conferencing and membership in Papago Salado Project. A new project is St Mary's Food Bank Collection. This is the first food bank in the world and we are processing this collection now. Many other items are included for a total of $69,525 in grants.

Seth Willey, Administration and Facilities, Ashley Smith, Library and Archives, Megan Gately, Education, and Dr Peter Welsh, Director, with Jeannine Moyle, accept grant gifts.

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