Sunday, April 16, 2017

Stroll through history at the Pioneer Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas

Donna Esposito and Clede Gorrell
Amazing stories of German relocation to this area in May 1846 are told at the Pioneer Museum. With photos, videos, refurbished homes, schools and farm equipment, we learned about the trials and tribulations of 120 German men, women and children who began the last segment of the long and dangerous journey to their new home in Texas. Hope of a freer, more prosperous future for themselves and children strengthened them to endure the miseries of the trip and the hardships yet to come.  It is a definite MUST SEE when you are in the Texas hill country.

 In Fredericksburg, traces of the past are all around you. A quick glance suggests the German heritage of the town - the limestone constructions of its buildings, the names of its commercial buildings, the celebrations and festivals.
Susan Dale at the Pioneer Museum entrance
Barb Ziehler, Susan Howard, Jan Murray
Donna Esposito, Jan Murray, Clede Gorrell

Susan Howard admires the limestone buildings

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